Great buzz following Solgar Vitamins’ wellbeing learn and lunch day

The NX Professionals team were invited to attend the Solgar Vitamins’ wellbeing learn and lunch day in Hertfordshire. This was a seminar based on health and nutrition principles for employees.

Our team were asked to conduct employee health MOT’s in the morning as a pilot to show what we as an organisation could offer and to promote the importance of how investing in a wellbeing programme with a company like NX Professionals could help benefit both the organisation and their employees.

After lunch, we did in fact continue with the employee health MOT’s as they proved extremely popular amongst not only the staff involved in the seminar – but others who also stopped by for a quick blood pressure check, BMI check and more. We tried to accommodate as many as possible and the feedback was important for both NX Professionals and Solgar.

The staff feedback was exceptional! With comments like

Your team are just so friendly and accommodating.”


This really has motivated me to get myself into gear and to really take care of myself.”

Following on from the employee health MOT’s, our team set up a ‘information/help desk’ in the refectory in order to extend our services and provide help, advice and guidance on the results given to staff. This covered everything from the importance of drinking water, nutrition, time management, stress management, exercise, regular breaks and more. Our advice was so well received and you can find some further information within our resources section.

The NX team really did have a fantastic day at Solgar. A wellbeing programme is not only there to benefit the staff but the employer too! A more determined, focused and happy individual will only bring positives to work. This helps with morale, reduced absence, increased productivity, more revenue, happy customers and most importantly – a happy place to work for all.

Don’t just take our word from it – see what Solgar had to say here.