The NX Professional Seminars cover a range of health and nutrition topics to help your employees optimise healthy lifestyle choices. Relaxed and informative talks from our inspirational leaders highlight key issues facing individuals today.

We present in an interactive, motivational and engaging manner and provide practical advice to enable your employees to take steps to change their diet and lifestyle.

Some example of seminars include nutrition, stress management, women’s health (menopause), weight management, a healthier future, how to improve sleep and that’s just for starters. We’ll tailor-make each package so that it’s right for you and your staff,

By raising awareness and highlighting the benefits of healthier lifestyle choices, individual beliefs, perceptions and actions can be influenced. This will result in leading to a healthier workplace. Subsequently this commitment to creating a culture of health can see a return of reduced absenteeism, decrease in rates of illness and injuries, improved staff morale and better employee recruitment and retention.

Seminars can be booked individually and last for approximately one hour or form part of a carousel of events on health and wellness.